finuge gaa a Kerry football club

Hello there, and welcome to our club and community website, the club colours are green & yellow..............


Finuge GAA
Failte go dti ar pobal                                  Welcome to our Community
Club / Community News
Hello there and welcome, this site is dedicated to the documentation
of times past, present and notifications of future activities in our

The communities of Finuge and Lixnaw have contributed many great
sport stars, teams and social events over the years which we are all
very proud of, for this reason its very important that these
achievements and moments  are recorded, so that future
generations of boys and girls yet to take to the field and get involved
in the community realise the footsteps of those they follow in and
take pride from past success.

So if you are a budding sports enthusiasts, a parent of one  or would
just like to get involved in community activities then get in contact
with us. Supporting the clubs and  community can take many forms,
club membership , fund raising, training at all team levels,
communications, maintenance, organising events, hell you can even
do my job, the point is all efforts are voluntary and funds get directly
invested in our community. Even if you are in another county /
country or planet we would still like to hear from you, just to check in
and say "hello", you may not be here, but you have not been

In today's world where people are much more mobile, the pace of life
in generally much faster than times past and our communities are
spread globally, it's necessary to embrace new technologies to help
keep the community bonds strong, hence the focus on Internet and
Mobile SMS technologies which will play stronger rolls in reinforcing
our community ties as time goes by.

OK, there is not much more to say, except that one of our big goals
with this website is the collection and presentation of all types of
community materials and make this invaluable local history available
to the whole community. So now, you can do your part by checking
out the old shoe boxes at home and who knows what you will
discover.   Anyway enough talk,  hit the buttons and see where they
take you, come up with your own ideas of what you would like to see
and of course the content of the site will change fairly regularly as
things get moving.
The Club of History & Pride
Proud of It's Past, Building it's Future
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